Florida State Required

Laws and Rules: Understanding your Practice- Florida (FSR002-)

Due to the ever-evolving needs of the patient, healthcare legislation is ever-evolving to meet those needs. Healthcare legislation seeks to improve quality of care, costs and outcomes for all parties involved in the care of the patient. The prudent healthcare professional will maintain a finger to the pulse of healthcare legislation to ensure that the healthcare professional’s current practice reflects current laws and rules. This continuing education activity will explore Florida’s Nurse Practice Acts and Florida’s Administrative code.
  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The Florida Nurse Practice Act ss. 464.001-464.027
  • The Florida Nurse Practice Act
  • Licensure-Initial
  • Multistate Licensure- 464.0095 Nurse Licensure Compact Requirements
  • Certification of the Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Certification of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • License.Certificate Renewal
  • Scope of Practice: Administration of Intravenous Therapy by the LPN
  • Scope of Practice: The LPN Supervisor in the Nursing Home
  • Scope of Practice: Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel (UP)
  • Special Considerations
  • Discipline and Ethical Standards of Practice
  • Mandatory Reporting Requirements for all Nurse Licensees
  • Reinstatement of Suspended Licenses
  • Reissuing the Revoked License
  • Florida Intervention Project for Nurses
  • Final Test
  • Laws and Rules: Understanding your Practice- Florida Course Evalutaion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years